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Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. (APGI) was founded in 1999 by Angela R Anderson and is incorporated in Tennessee and Florida. Celebrating 22 years in business, APGI was incorporated in 2000 in Tennessee and 2021 as a foreign corporation in Florida.
APGI companies include: Honky Tonk Network, The Dusti Roads Show, Affinity Ministries, Bryangela Entertainment, Honky Tonk Music TV, Xcelsius Music (BMI), Xcelsius Media, and Tape To DVD Treasures.
Our Mission is:
To contribute to the enhancement of world culture quality tv programming, people, and music.
To reach people’s hearts and minds with a purity of purpose that inspires and gives hope to millions of people.
To create and promote a community of spiritual depth, positive energy, pure emotion, and truth.
Most importantly, to make God proud our company and of the community of people who walk in this new light, with us.
We are venturing in a new area in a media dominated world. Although we are very new in television programming, we are creating a community of positive television programming for everyone. We are loading content daily and should have opportunities for local viewers to be able to be a part of our shows. We want viewers like you on our broadcasts. We welcome your ideas and talents.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”

How to Contact Affinity Publishing Group, Inc.

  • Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. (Music/Book Publishing) info@affinitypublishinggroup.com (employment/resumes) jobs@affinitypublishinggroup.com
  • Honky Tonk Network (Television) sales@honkytonknetwork.com
  • The Dusti Roads Show (Television) contact@thedustiroadsshow.com
  • Affinity Ministries (Television/Online) contact@affinityministries.org
  • Xcelsius Media (News/Captioning) news@xcelsiusmedia.com
  • Xcelsius Music (BMI) (Music Publishing/Sales) sales@xcelsiusmusic.com
  • Tape To DVD Treasures (Tape/Digital Transfers) sales@tapetodvdtreasures.com
  • To Purchase our Products or order questions (Affinity Ministries, Honky Tonk Network, Xcelsius Music) – orders@affinitypublishing.net